Unexpected Benefits of Being a Millionaire

When you think of the benefits of being a millionaire, you probably think of the lifestyle that you can have. You might think of the cars you could buy, the houses you could own, and the beaches you could lay on.

You certainly could have all those things. The trouble is, though, that once you spend your money on all those things, you will quickly cease being a millionaire, and you’ll be back in non-millionaire status, just like you are today. Millionaires are very careful about those things that they buy. That’s how they stay millionaires.

In reality, having all that stuff and that big of a lifestyle doesn’t ultimately satisfy anyway. Sure, it’d be fun for a while, but the newness and the excitement will wear off. Then you’ll be off looking for the next big thing – just like you may be doing right now.

The unexpected benefit of being a millionaire is that you have more opportunities to make a significant impact in the world. Instead of contributing to a cause, you can be the cause. Instead of contributing to someone’s college fund, you can just send them to college. Instead of helping Habitat for Humanity, you can buy someone the house.

When you are a millionaire, you don’t have to work, so you can spend as much time as you want mentoring inner city kids, or tutoring students, or visit cancer patients.

You can use your time and your money to pursue whatever makes your heart sing.

Of course, having more stuff and a bigger lifestyle won’t cut it – not really. So, what really will make your heart sing? Only you can answer that for yourself. How will you answer?